A lot of young people today are looking for a fast way to earn money. If you happened to be the risky type, should you be going for Bitcoin or for other cryptocurrencies? The thing that you have to understand with Bitcoin is that it is quite volatile. It simply means that you will need to have a great risk tolerance if you ever want to “HODL”. You need to understand that though it has reached near $20K level in 2017, it has dropped to 80%. And today, many are predicting that it could even reach around $2,000. You can even buy items like the Cayin n6 player online with Bitcoin nowdays.

If you believe in blockchain technology, then you should go for Bitcoin. But if you are the type who is simply there for the profits, then you have to think again. You have to keep in mind that Bitcoin may not be able to reach its all-time high soon. If you will look at the regulators, there are mixed signals. There are those countries that have made regulations are for the crypto industry while there are those countries like China that chose to have a ban on exchanges. Assess these arguments first before you go for a crypto investment.