Contact lenses use light and refraction to enable you to see clearly. Glasses may perch on your nose, but contacts nestle right on the eye itself, and numerous advantages come, as a result.

  1. Comfort

The creators of contact lenses purposely made them comfortable, ensuring that their breathable material would allow for plenty of moisture. In less than a fortnight, you get totally used to them; you won’t even notice they’re there! Glasses, if worn all the time, can irritate the bridge of your nose, not to mention the tips of your ears.

  1. Vision

Glasses have a blind spot, ie. where the frames are; this can obscure your peripheral vision. With contact lenses you’re seeing without any obstruction – like the freedom of being on a bike compared with the window frames and glass panels of a car.

  1. Durable

Glasses’ frames are inherently fragile; someone could sit on them, or you could drop them by accident. These two scenarios are highly unlikely with multifocal contact lenses; even if it did occur, the damage is likely to be negligible. (popular multifocal lenses are acuvue oasys presbyopia.

  1. Sports-tastic

Doing vigorous sports can be a real hassle for glasses wearers. Slippage can occur, or you might have to consider an elasticated glasses strap, which may or may not be a good look for you. The misting up of lenses due to increased body heat can also be a problem. However, contacts won’t need any sort of thought process with regard to them. Just do it!

5. Style

Glasses, especially sunglasses, can be an accessory item, a fashion statement. Combining contacts with sunglasses means you no longer need worry about getting prescription glasses; any pair that takes your fancy can be worn, anytime, anywhere. Contacts even come in tinted varieties, so you can make a statement without even having to select sunglasses. Your options have suddenly multiplied.

  1. In the moment

Whether it’s riding a horse or going on a rollercoaster; even going to the cinema or enjoying a kiss, glasses need not come into the equation. It’s just one less thing to worry about!

  1. Rain or shine

Weather – rain, mist, muddy puddles, whatever, can wreak havoc with glasses. Not so with contacts. They’re immune to every kind of weather variation.

Actually, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. Contact lenses can be a convenient, refreshing change from the norm, if you’re a regular glasses wearer. It gives you more options and prevents poor vision from affecting your way of life; that has to be a good thing.